"men orka"

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When a Swede says something awesome, other Swedes say that it’s “klockrent”, which translates to “bell clean”

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swedish tradition: smack your friend when you see a yellow car


Light Walls House

Located in Toyokawa city, the “Light Walls House” is a wooden house imagined by Japanese studio mA-style architects. White, minimalist and decorated with plants, this building has a structure which allows the light to reflect on the ground and on the walls in order to create patterns thanks to a trick of shadows and rays.

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[2/?] favorite movies list: American Hustle (2013)
Did you ever have to find a way to survive and you knew your choices were bad,
but you had to survive?

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The Amangiri Resort and Spa, located on a spectacular 600+ acre site in southern Utah is a unique collaboration between three established individual architects : Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette and Rick Joy.

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Kolumba Diocesan Museum, Cologne, Germany, 2007 by Peter Zumthor. Photos by Hélène Binet.

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Andre Elliott

Pictures from skiing trip to Lapland

me to myself: chill
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Brooklyn, NY, June 2014

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the swedish word for dandelion is maskros which literally means “worm rose”

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